I would like to thank Adam and Raider Publishing International for giving me a chance to have my children’s story published with them

Posted by - Admin / June 14th, 2010

A big thank you from Lyn Peckover, author of “the Sacred Rainbow”

I would like to thank Adam and Raider Publishing International for giving me a chance to have my children’s story published with them. I wrote “The Sacred Rainbow” in 2005 and last year I dedicated the year to finding a publisher. After sending to 52 agents and publishers in the UK and USA, my 53rd try was successful.

The main reason I wrote my story (1st of three) was to bring awareness to the disregard the world has for the San people of Southern Africa. My hope after being interviewed on the Authors Corner and Raider’s creation of my website, is that many people were listening and have shown an interest in my story.

I am proud to be a part of Raider and look forward to the growth and new ideas that Adam and his team continue to bring forward in assisting aspiring writers and poets. May your business be very blessed and successful!

Raider Publishing International – Always Willing To Help Authors

Posted by - Admin / April 27th, 2010

Ever since I was twelve, I have always dreamed of becoming a published author. I was told by many that such dream rarely came to fruition because the publishing world was a very competitive one and that there were millions of books that were being rejected on daily basis by publishing houses. I was a bit discouraged but then I knew it was impossible to give up my dream being that it was a burning zeal.

When I completed my first two manuscripts and swung into action, action of scouring for a publisher, I first started with traditional publishers. The first two companies rejected my manuscripts and the third accepted one out of the two, but only with a very tiny fee to bag home as an advance payment. When I spoke to a couple of well meaning writers who are successful self published authors and disclosed the amount the company had proposed to pay me, they advised me to turn down the offer and go for a self publishing company instead. I then began the journey of scanning for self publishing companies that suit my needs. It took me a while to finally make up my mind on which one to contact because there were quite a number of them. But then my instinct pinpointed Raider Publishing International after I had thoroughly gone through their web pages. I wasn’t sure if I could trust them, but I trusted my instinct which persuaded me to go ahead and contact them. My first contact with them was very pleasant; their sense of modesty and willingness to help me discover my dream was overwhelming. Without giving it a second thought, I delved in to sign my first publishing contract with them, because I believe in the saying that ‘first impression matters’. Since then, I have been an author of Raider. The publishing business between us and the author/publisher relationship have been going smoothly. I have not had any single cause to complain or regret working with this noble company. They have always delivered on time; honesty and selflessness being their watchword, always willing to help authors no matter how little or big, difficult or simple.

I have presently completed my third manuscript which I have confidently and gladly entrusted in Raider’s care and impatiently waiting to sign my third contract.

As long as I continue to write, Raider will always remain my business partner as I am already addicted to her. I would like to seize this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to Adam Salviani and the entire Raider Publishing International staff around the globe for their great professionalism, enormous care and co-operation. I REMAIN GRATEFUL TO THEM FOR DISCOVERING ME. I recommend authors, published and unpublished to benefit from this wonderful experience.

-Jonathan U. Okafor, author of Agony of a Child and Season of Tears (published and released in 2008 by Raider Publishing International)

Raider Publishing International – Professional Novelist

Posted by - Admin / April 7th, 2010

Adam Salviani was a professional novelist who became disenchanted with his publisher after a bad experience. He had just written a book and was promoting it around the world. He traveled to seven separate countries on two continents promoting the book. However, one would expect that the publishing company would set up the various events, arrange interviews, and pay for at least some promotions. This might be what one expects, but it isn’t the type of service Adam Salviani received from his publisher.

Instead, Adam Salviani had to foot his own bill for his globe trotting promotional events. He even had to arrange all of his own interviews and set up his own promotional events—the publishing company did next to nothing. For their trouble, the publishing company took 92% of royalties. That left Salviani with a mere 8% of the royalties and he had nothing to offer in return. This is not how a publishing company should work, or so Salviani thought. Instead of sitting around and complaining about it, Salviani and a few writer friends decided to do something about it. He helped to launch a publishing company, Raider Publishing International, in 2005. The point was to offer services to writers that other publishers didn’t and to allow writers to keep over 50% of royalties!

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