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Posted by - Admin / April 7th, 2010

Adam Salviani was a professional novelist who became disenchanted with his publisher after a bad experience. He had just written a book and was promoting it around the world. He traveled to seven separate countries on two continents promoting the book. However, one would expect that the publishing company would set up the various events, arrange interviews, and pay for at least some promotions. This might be what one expects, but it isn’t the type of service Adam Salviani received from his publisher.

Instead, Adam Salviani had to foot his own bill for his globe trotting promotional events. He even had to arrange all of his own interviews and set up his own promotional events—the publishing company did next to nothing. For their trouble, the publishing company took 92% of royalties. That left Salviani with a mere 8% of the royalties and he had nothing to offer in return. This is not how a publishing company should work, or so Salviani thought. Instead of sitting around and complaining about it, Salviani and a few writer friends decided to do something about it. He helped to launch a publishing company, Raider Publishing International, in 2005. The point was to offer services to writers that other publishers didn’t and to allow writers to keep over 50% of royalties!

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